Already in January, one month before the official launch of the new video game "Anthem", Electronic Arts has invited Game Changer and Creators (Influencers) from all over the world to London. The venue for the four-day capture event and central meeting point for the gaming scene was England's largest public e-sports studio - the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, which boasts an excellent infrastructure. In addition to the gamers, press representatives and partners have also convinced themselves of the features of Anthem's new virtual game world. Sollik planned and implemented the international gaming event on behalf of the international EA team.

Another successful cooperation between EA, EA partners and Sollik

Even though the limited set-up time of only 16 hours represented a logistical challenge, the EA Capture Event in London ran smoothly thanks to the close cooperation of all trades. The event team of EA and Sollik have worked well together. For the organization of gaming events, Sollik relies on proven partners such as the media and technology professionals from Aventem, the Hamburg trade fair construction company Siebold, and the experts from Cologne-based "fernsehzimmer filmproduktion". Long-term cooperations are a decisive success factor in the event industry - not only because of the short lead times.

Tasks Sollik

Support of the EA Team

Planning of the event

Spatial and logistics planning

On-site handling

Cooperation with proven technology and trade fair construction partners