Battlefield V Global Review & Capture Event 2018 in Stockholm

What better way is there to present a game as successful as Battlefield V than in the land of its developers? In Stockholm, the headquarters of the development studio DICE, Electronic Arts presented the final version of the blockbuster in a four-day event. Influencers from all over the world and the international gaming press seized the opportunity to take a close look at the video game contents available for publication, testing them and recording game sequences beforehand. 

Gaming event shows digital world war scenarios in old Swedish warehouse
The event location Nobelberget in the southeast of Stockholm is only a 15 minute drive from the city centre. The empty warehouse, which is soon to be demolished, is located on an old industrial estate. The fallow area with its charming ramshackle look was the ideal venue for Battlefield V. Clearly of advantage were the two halls of almost identical size, each hosting two setups with 64 game consoles, enabling gamers to even play 32 versus 32 in multiplayer mode. Six additional gaming stations allowed players to explore the Battlefield world in single-player mode.

Strong media attention : press conference and game presentation
During the entire event, there were presentations on the new features of Battlefield V in order to prepare influencers or press representatives for their gaming experience in the best possible way. The aim was for gamers to be able to communicate directly with the producers. This allowed like-minded people from all over the world to talk to each other and produce attractive content for their social media channels and specialist media. The entire Battlefield net community was eagerly awaiting the official launch of the new version and the game expansions.

The challenge of the Battlefield V Global Review & Capture event in Stockholm was to ...
... adapt as quickly as possible to the regional conditions of the Scandinavian event scene. Here, the good contacts and the international network of Andreas Sollik were once again worth their weight in gold. Sollik's first event in Stockholm was also a real success thanks to the efforts of technician Detlef Keite ("Keiti"), who had emigrated to Sweden 10 years ago.


Tasks Sollik

_Lead agency
_Advisory services and assistance to EA
_Location research
_Set up, Room and technical planning
_Control and coordination of all trades