EA capture event with festival character: Sims Camp 2018, London

For two days, the stars of the international Sims community met in London, following the invitation by video and mobile games manufacturer Electronic Arts. The meet & greet event saw 150 influencers, gamechangers, youtubers, and VIPs like Baby Ariel in the basement of Victoria House. The Sollik event team has brought the Sims brand world to life and developed and implemented a theme-specific room concept with great attention to detail. Interior designers from Germany and England created numerous eye-catchers in the cellar vault - a fairytale backdrop staged in the Sims colours. Highlights were the Instaboxes "Filmset" and "Red Carpet".

Brand staging connects the virtual and the real world

In addition to the latest features of the expansion pack "The Sims 4 - Become Famous", thehighlight of the Sims Camp 2018 was the much diverse staging of the room. Each station held a new surprise in store for the Sims fans: cocktail bar, kitchen counter (canapés, sweets, pancakes), karaoke bar, make-up bar, ball bath, photo boxes and play stations. In this ambience , the glitter and glamour of the virtual game world could be felt up close. The predominantly female visitors spoke Simlish to each other. They shared the latest trends and tips for the best photo poses and video settings. In the evening, there was even a proposal of marriage on stage.

Livestream for the Sims community 

The eight-hour livestream on the second day of the Capture Event gave all Sims fans the chance to experience the festival feeling in London. Top act of the stage program was You Tube star Baby Ariel presenting her latest songs. The fascinating brand world of the Sims Camp 2018 attracted attention on all social media channels. This lovingly staged capture event not only increased awareness, but also helped to inspire new game fans.

The challenge of Sims Camp 2018 was to ...

... to install the game world in a completely empty basement vault of a listed building. The parking situation in downtown London and a narrow elevator was a real challenge for deliveries. But thanks to the excellent cooperation of all partners (light, sound, media, decoration, furniture, catering) the equipment of the many small rooms went smoothly. 

Bottom line is …

"Brand enthusiasm is always the result of clearly defined contents, creative ideas, and the hard work of many. Each production is as good as the trustful, close cooperation between the client and the agency team. Rarely have I experienced such a creative, open cooperation and at the same time so much artistic freedom as in the Sollik team for our customer EA. Thank you for that,"says Creative Director Gabriela Grassmann, who was responsible for the conception and brand staging of this event.


Tasks Sollik

_Lead agency

_Advice and support for EA

_Conception and brand staging

_Planning of the room concept

_Implementation of the livestream

_Coordination and supervision of all trades