Electronic Arts Gamescom Cologne 2012/2011

Sollik handled the designing, implementation and holding of the trade fair appearance and the business areas of Electronic Arts (EA) Deutschland at Gamescom 2011 and 2012 in Cologne. Sollik provided support for the client right from the initial concept phase to make it possible to achieve an optimal presentation of the products. Here there was a special focus on the presentation of the games on a screen that was almost 30 metres wide.

All the media and content for the main screen and all the game-playing media on all the surfaces were made up, handled and edited by Sollik, with visual processing or even created from scratch to some extent to make it possible to provide a uniform presentation of the brand and its labels. The highly successful collaboration with the Sollik team EA and its product managers and the label managers that has lasted for many years now has thus contributed to an efficient and optimal implementation of the trade fair presentation.