"The recognition through the ‘gamescom award for best booth’ is the crowning moment in our long-standing cooperation", says Andreas Sollik.  “We are delighted by the successful EA performance at gamescom.” The Californian video and mobile-games manufacturer Electronic Arts has been placing its faith in the Cologne agency Sollik as regards the concept and realisation of its exhibition participation for the past 11 years. Each year, the event team, with its multimedia and exhibition-construction specialists, works meticulously on new highlights for the successful presentation of the brand to the media and the public at gamescom.

3 public magnets: TIE Fighter replica and X-Wings model in original size, plus world premiere of the BMW M5

In 2017, the EA area featured several attractions that delighted gamers, professional visitors and media representatives from all over the world. The biggest wow effect was created by the replica of the TIE Fighter suspended from the hall ceiling. It was among the most frequently photographed exhibits at gamescom 2017.  A further eye-catcher was the model of the X-Wings. Another spectacular aspect was the world premiere of the BMW M5, the star of the exciting video game “Need for Speed Payback” that was unveiled at a pre-event. The particular feature of this marketing cooperation between the automobile group and the games manufacturer: for the time being, the dynamic vehicle can only be test driven in the video game. Because the BMW M5 will not be launched onto the market until November.

Strong awareness factor: press conference and games presentation – also as livestream

The exhibition space extended over several thousand square metres, and was divided into gamer, marketing, communication and show areas. The show stage, offering attractive prize games and internationally acclaimed You Tube stars during its daily 9-hour programme, was a central meeting place for all gamers. EA had also reserved an exclusive business area in hall 1 for media representatives and buyers from all over the world. It provided space for professional discussions and big business away from the hustle and bustle. Both the EA press conference as well as the unveiling of the BMW M5 were transmitted on the web via livestream, thus creating high relevance in the social media channels.

The particular challenge of the EA participation at gamescom was…

… the size of the exhibition stand with its target-group-specific areas, the coordination of the numerous partners and trades, as well as looking after exhibition visitors in two halls at the same time. There was the additional challenge of controlling the large numbers of fans in front of the show stage, as the appearances by the You Tubers had cult status and in part the dynamics of a pop concert.



“The award for the best stand at gamescom 2017 is one that the Sollik team fully deserves. The collaboration with EA could not be more creative. The common objective is to do precisely what ultimately rocks and inspires. It is an honour for me to head the production team that has made this spectacular exhibition participation an unforgettable experience for all visitors to the stand." Rüdiger Strattera, Event Production Manager 


Tasks Sollik

- Lead agency

- Continuous support and strategic advising of EA

- Concept business area, exhibition stand and stage programme

- Technical planning and feasibility study for all areas

- Realisation of press conference, stage programme, exhibition construction, media technology

- Management of all trades


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