Memmingen. Company headquarter of the PC and Videogame chain store GameStop. We’re in the year 2016. From September 26 - 29, more than 260 store managers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have a meeting there. Their joint mission is to "build our future". 16 renowned "publishers" such as Microsoft, Sony, and Electronic Arts, take the participants of the Managers Conference to the future:  In „classrooms“ they present their brand new PC and video games as well as accessories and merchandising items - right in the auditorium, and prior to the official market roll-out.  Breathtaking visuals and a sound quality sending shivers down your spine, spectacular scenes on the big screen. The real atmosphere of a premiere event - at the Cineplex movie hall in Memmingen, Germany.

GameStop Managers Conference 2016: Insiders' meeting directly at the company seat in the Allgäu region

The annual conference is an absolute „must-visit“ event where the latest trends are presented.  The aim of the event is to put store managers in a direct contact with industry leaders of the PC and video gaming world - and, of course, the in-depth exchange of ideas and opinions among colleagues. GameStop ManCon has established itself as an industry meeting giving an outlook on new products and marking the beginning of the Christmas season.  It is a four days' event trip with product reviews, an insider exhibition, awards, and a diversified framework programme. The event concept which Sollik further developed in 2014 with the industry exhibition in the modular system (GameBoxen) has been well acclaimed. It is the Game Boxes in particular that make an attractive unit, giving every exhibitor sufficient space for their own design ideas.

The special challenge of „GameStop ManCon“ is ...

… to find an attractive location each year which is easy to reach for everyone and in line with the profile of the event.  Following the client's wish, in 2016 the conference was realized at the German GameStop headquarter in Memmingen with the added value that 260 store managers from all over Germany, Switzerland, and Austria had the chance to see the premises and to meet the staff of the headquarter in person.  Another highlight was the visit to the neighbouring city of Kempten which hosted the special industry trade show with the manufacturers' "Game Boxes".

What our client says about us …

„Sollik has become an indispensable partner of GameStop. This is why we would like to intensify our collaboration in the years to come.“  Nadine Quade - Operations Manager GAS

Tasks of Sollik agency

- lead agency
- continuous assistance and strategic consultancy to GameStop
- Planning and realization of the event modules Welcome, Classrooms, GameBox, AwardShow
- Assistance to "publishers"
- Coordination of all trades

Involved partners

- Set-up and engineering: Aventem
- Exhibit stand construction: Na+1
- Video documentation: Wildcard