Community experiences are not only created through donations, but also through good ideas. This year we support children and teenagers from the soccer club "Casa España" with a set of different training equipment. This trains endurance, concentration, bounce, speed and dexterity.

With the playful youth training we would like to promote both sporting ambition and team spirit as well as international friendships. Through its branch offices in Barcelona and Madrid, Sollik has been cultivating Cologne-Spanish relations for years - now also with the Spanish-born soccer club in Cologne.

Info and schedule of "Ideal Club de Futbol Casa de España": 



Making people’s eyes shine and enabling them to forget their everyday lives for a while is our objective – not just from a professional perspective but also personally.

That is why we will once again not be sending Christmas cards this year, and will make a donation to the Freunde der Kölner Straßen und ihre Bewohner e.V. The volunteers regularly provide homeless people with clothing, sleeping bags or hygiene articles. The Cold Bus team distributes hot drinks and hot meals, not only in winter but throughout the year.

Further details on the campaign are available at

Climate and Environmental Protection

Clean energy for our workplaces! We are using green power from energy sources like sun, wind and water.

We want our power to come from sources that do not depend upon the carbon and nuclear industry in order to contribute our share for climate and environmental protection. Only by responsible actions and sustainable measures can we support the energy turnaround  on a long-term basis. Green power is 100% generated from renewable energy sources. Thanks to a clean power generation, there are no CO2 emissions, and we are happy to support climate protection by using clean energy. 


We invest energy, expertise and passion to create successful events together with you. Luxury – seen from the perspective of refugee children.

It is for this reason that we have decided not to send cards or presents by post for the festive period. Instead, we would like to support the Catholic Elementary School Everhardstrasse in Cologne with a financial donation this year.  This will be used to provide refugee children with urgently needed teaching materials.


We are a sponsor and are pleased that the children can go to school, have enough to eat and drink, and receive medical care.

World Vision is changing the children's environment in order to enable sustainable improvements. The help provided by a sponsorship is not limited to just the sponsored child, but rather also includes the child's family and region. People should be placed in a position to help themselves. Among other things, education is an important step away from the vicious circle of poverty. Many children cannot go to school because they have to work or their parents are unaware of the importance of education. Enlightenment enables the children to receive school education, and many can even attend a secondary school.